Thursday, August 27, 2009


today is way harder than yesterdays. i dont know what's wrong with myself.everything seems like wrong for me.
what should i do??
ohh mann..
ohh ya, early in this morning, i was thinking about my dress for MGP.haha.XD.i started to think nonsense outfit that i will wear that nite.ehe.i really3 hv no idea about the dress actually. it must be something that i 've never wear it outside (means that, new dress.XD)..btw i actually dont mind bout the dress, but thinking the others will hv their most beautiful dress n i'm very sure they wanna look good n vogue that nite, its a lil bit hard for me to find a nice one. or else i'll juz wear baju kurung !! haha.lousy alia.

would it be like this 2 dresses??
haha. i'm dead meat if i'm wearing it.


ezn said...

woii,aku pkai bju kurung kebaya je baii. KOT laa.

aku_alia said...

eleh kauu.
ckp jeh.skali ak tgk pkai dress siap kauu.


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