Saturday, September 19, 2009

a long journey.. was a long journey.soooo long that i felt very tired.why ?.haha. 1st of all.early in the morning.i need to walk the way and down the hill took lrt to tasik selatan.then from there more walk to erl station to go to was coz my bro couldnt fetch me in school.yeah hard.but i need to make it putrajaya.all my 3 sisters was not around.they went for shopping.damn it!.so i watched movies mith my nephews until 2 pm.then abg mizi back and said."jom la balik."and i said."ok".i packed my things and got into the car.the journey started.
then.fetch abg anas kat shah alam.thousands of cars on the road.tension2.nak kuar dr shah alam pon takes bout 20 mins.crazy day.then.truskan journey.till my bro said."buka dalam kete la gamaknye."aaaa..but alas.we managed to reach sekincan and fast breaking at one kdai mkn there. my bro said tpi sg.but i think tpi parit.haha.sejuk.raining drizzly.i was soooooooo tired.mcm nak pth pinggang kot.pastu.singgah sg besar.nak beli kasut rye.ehe.mcm abg2 ak plak yg nak pkai.sibuk ckp ak plih x cantek.x stuju la hape laa.sukati ak laa,ak nak pkai.and finally.after +- 5 hours journey.we reached home.mmg best.
all doors were locked and we stucked outside.mak bpk abg pian n wak were at the surau which is 2 houses away from our house.i asked my bro to go there and get the key but they refused.cis,pemalas btol !!.then one of my bro said."pe lagi.jom la pecah rumah. HAHAHAHA "
evil rite?while abg mizi still working on the door,me n abg anas lapar.lapar.haha.then we ate cookies, kuih raye n kek secret recipe pon ad.haha.habis satu bekas kuih
at last the door was unlock succesfully by abg mz.after bout 45 mins working on it.haha.
lots of suprise when we came into house.asyik jerit FUYOOOOOOO.coz alot of new things at my cupboard,fridge,and some furniture.ho.mmg nak rye sakan kali ni.wawawa.
then ate laksa with abg anas while abg mz cant wait us to eat together coz he had seen his which is ayam masak kicap.haha.
well.yesterday was a very hectic day.

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