Tuesday, December 1, 2009


wah..da abes physics.ak suka..haha.9 down.one more to go.
ak x saba nak end this spm..
so i wanna talk about yesterday's thing.
ak balik n terus carik katil.haha.cdg nak tdo..tp x leh tdo.as usual dgr mp3 yang da berjuta-juta kali ak ulang lagu yang sme.
argh ! bosan siot.ak rse otak ak da semakin tension ble dgr mp3 tu.so i borrow dini's coz hers has radio.
when i listen to the radio.br la rse lega cket.rse otak ak berkembang dgr lagu2 baru.haha.
but that's not the thing i wanna talk about.
this is the thing :
i heard from the news.
ENG Cup Result:
lost AGAIN !! second time in a week !last time they lost to chelsea.3-0 gak.haish !no RVP for another 5 months.
i dont know what will happen to them.
the next match is vs LiverFOOL.i hope they will win.
haha.i supposed to study rite now.
got to go !

ni pic time mgp.
p/s:chem time.

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osman bin safee said...

adat a menang kalah..
kalau SSP..
malam selingkar kasih..

aphal aku xley comment kat blog ayu


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