Sunday, February 28, 2010

bad day.

hey.the moment i wrote this eyes wet.

i lost my confidence.
totally zero.
feel like can't do anything.

no smiles.giggles.grins.laughters.
no appetite to eat since yesterday.
even though the iron chef made my
barely sleep.

just because.
some words that unintendedly uttered by a company.
hurt my heart deep inside.
leaving a woundless pain.

i need,
a shoulder to cry on.
a warm hug.
somebody that can wipe my tears.
a good comfort.
someone that can blow up my confidence.

where r u ppl?

i think that i'm strong.but it seems like i cried a lot these days.
i'm just like a normal girl.weak and vulnerable.

to kakak:sorry.i could'nt help u doing the head is such a mess now.

>>abg worked very hard for the PABM and now he got a very bad high fever.pity him.i've made ur juice.get well soon.

life isn't a bed of roses.


Nicholas Ng Chia Wei said...

Be strong nodame!!! Just to tell you, i have the shoulder for you to cry on, and i'm able to give you a warm hug, wipe your tears and give you a good comfort as well as blow up your confidence. Be happy always... cheers~ =)

aliah said...

thnx friend.

Hana Napiah said...

sape buat ko ni ??

meh cni ak tgk cket..

btw, Be strong
+ u've a lot of good friends around you. spill out ngan dorg. jgn simpan sorg2!!

aliah said...

ade la manusia ni.

thnx H.

Nicholas Ng Chia Wei said...

you's the most welcome. =)

kuuki-chan said...

*sending some positive ions to Al*

aliah said...

now i become Al3+.

thnx for ur +ve ions.


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