Tuesday, February 16, 2010


hey there,these days i was kinda bz doing some research about which path should i walk on in the future.and the answer was kinda suprising.haha.hey,i wanna pursue in medicine.it's not because my parents nor my big family.but it just me.i want it ! haha.i did'nt know since when this feeling appeared.but from the bottom of my heart.i want to become a doctor !

ok.this field requires physically n mentally strong as it a tough course (they said.not me).medic student need to finish 5-6 yrs to get their MBBS.then 2 yrs for housemanship or the practical in some specific hospitals.in 2 yrs time,they need to finish the practical in all department,which means they need to survive for some months in each department.fyi,the toughest department is Emergency Rooms (E.R).in this department,some said they need to stand and treat the patient for hours non-stop ! whoaaa..i just can't imagine it.
after we finished that so called housemanship,then only we can get the DR. title.*sigh.

i can't wait to get my title. :)

this evening.i filled up the UPU 2nd phase with some favour from kak ani.since she is a cauncellor,i asked her many things bout those courses that very confusing.at first i looked at the courses offered,i was very confused about everything.things like what's the difference between this n this.here and there.
she clarified all my confusion till i got everything that i like.ooh.it ain't easy actually to choose the courses but with her help,i managed to choose them.thanx :)
since i wanna pursue in medicine,so i had to choose the courses that related to this field.

1.asasi sains UiTM
ooh.she said it is the best asasi in Msia.is it?i dont know.plus i have an uncle working there as the dean (i'm not really sure)and she said we could get some favour from him :)
but i'm not really into this.it'd be best if i could get into this asasi with my own effort.

2.asasi perubatan UIAM

3.asasi sains hayat UM

4.asasi sains hayat UIAM

5.asasi sains hayat UNIMAS

6.asasi farmasi UIAM

7.diploma farmasi UiTM

8.diploma fisioterapi UiTM

haha.it's like i chosed all asasi sains hayat offered by them.hee.but u know.there're some differences between asasi sains hayat UM,UNIMAS with UIAM.

if we chosed UM n UNIMAS,we still have the chance to further in medicine with pointer 3.67 and above.3.67 is the minimum requirement for this course but nowadays,there r bunch of ppl who got this pointer,my bro said that especially for gurl,we need to get 4.00 in order to make it.the competition just very tough rite now.omg.

but then.if we chosed asasi sains hayat UIAM,we re not be able to further in medicine anymore.it is bcoz UIAM have specified asasi perubatan for medicine already.so if u really wanna become a doctor don't get the wrong idea for this asasi sains hayat.u need to take the asasi perubatan tho.

thanx kak ani.finally i got this upu filled up :)

hey.i hope this would clarify ur confusion.
rite now i got fever+cold+sore throat+headache+etc+etc.
thanx but no thanx to sang singa laut.i never had terrible cold like this for abt 2 or 3 yrs back !


latifahhusnazmyh said...

wah..asasi sns uitm is the best? i dnt knw .. wait 4 me ya uitm :))

hope u'll get asasi sns uitm too, same as me :))

Anonymous said...

it is not easy being a doc. its not just smart n brilliant n bright. u need the right attitude. the right discipline. anyway, gudluck!

aliah said...

How did I miss your comments?

Yeah, at least that was what she told to me.

Sure, I knew it very well. Thanks though. :'))


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