Thursday, February 18, 2010


hey.the moment i wrote this post, i'm still breathing .but using my mouth.huh.i'ts hard.adoi.

hehe.this morning i checked my fb and i was tagged in this syika bumbum (my cousin)

she wrote:
Mizi Ahmmizi, Aliah Asarani, Amal Asarani, Mohd Sufiyan, Saadiah Asarani, makcik Norkhayati Manat suruh add.. harap maklum

yeah.that was obviously all my siblings were tagged in that post.haha.we were very shocked at makcik has facebook ! omg.i laughed out loud. with kakak.haha.a huge progression la makcik !hee.she even said that it will be easier to "take a look " on us.haha.please behave everyone ! there's someone who will report to our parents on everything that we do.haha.
somehow it relieved my headache a bit.

i am freezing cold rite now.even though i could boil an egg with my body temperature.adoi.pity me.but.i hate pills !for crying out loud.i hate them.please.get me some other medicine but not pills.urgh.

p/s:sang singa laut is going back to her univ tomorrow.this house will be back to normal. :(


Nicholas Ng Chia Wei said...

Be strong nodame... Get well soon... =) Take care... ^_^

aku_alia said...



Nicholas Ng Chia Wei said...

ur welcome... =)


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