Monday, February 22, 2010

i believe you.

hey.last nite i clicked an ad on fb about love story.
the title is i believe you.have u ever read this story??
well. i kinda lost of words to describe this story actly.
it was awesome.

i could'nt stop myself once i started reading this story.
it's all about introvert person.
She believes she is bestowed with a “curse”, and tries all means to avoid social activities in order to keep her “curse” in check.
she had a friend.landy.only one.the very the one that never affected by the curses.
then he met with jacky.
jacky tried to change her and help her to overcome the "curse" problem.

soon.joanna fell in love with jacky.but she nvr admit.always denying.

then.'s a long story. this story.
they play romeo and juliet.

i wish i could find one.

and i was astonished by these words:

“I am just like the sun and you the flower. I’ll provide sunlight for you to blossom. Sometimes, clouds will prevent me from reaching you. But, you’ll know that I’m always trying to reach you. Just wait for the clouds to clear if you can’t receive my sunlight.”

and then.the background music was..

well.i feel like touched my heart deep inside.but the story is not complete.need to buy this book.too bad.

p/s:where could i find my romeo??

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