Tuesday, March 30, 2010


hey. i attended english class starting today onwards.well, it was weird for the 1st time.but thank God,fortunately, i met my friends there.
maryam:lost ctc since i left to seseri
naqib: this boy had grown up to be a young man.so high.
kimi: last time i met him was when we were in standard 6.

wonder why everyone is taller than me. haha.

well, this class saves me from "kelas menjahit".haha. with a concrete reason= to prepare for the interview.my mom keeps her mouth shut. :DD.
this class was really exciting.

oh.before that, i got the interview.abang checked for me as i can't access internet there.
thank God.

date: 13/4/2010
time: 9am
venue: Anggerik Mall, Shah Alam.
anyone same with me??

this is some instant words from abang.

Mizi Ahmmizi : congrats to my sista Aliah Asarani dpt interview oversea MARA. SPM result is nothing at tis level (stop dreaming!). the most important is how u can manipulate the soft skills you've earned frm koQ involvement @ Seri Puteri. That will really help u. general knowledge also. pls read newspaper x kira la utusang meloya ka, berita hairan ka...mesti mau baca!

hey ! im not dreaming lahh :D

now.who is willing to take a day off and send me to shah alam??
raise ur hand please.


fhad said...

al! all the best interview! haha

aliah said...

yeah.thanx fhad. :)

starlover said...

You're taking an english lesson? Woww =O

That's..great! Prepare well, I wish you the best of luck ^^

aliah said...

sambil menyelam minum air.

x nak gi kelas menjahit !!

thanx sis !


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