Saturday, March 20, 2010

dreams. talking craps if only u want offence.haha

sometimes.i just dream to be a good pianist.though i've never attend piano piano at home.yeah.i know about piano when i was in seseri.we got 2 pianos there.and i got lots of friend who know how to play it.splendid.and sometimes they teached me how to song that i can play is winter sonata.haha.but only the chorus's hard though.
yeah.i wish i could be like this girl.

she's awesome ! im really impressed. a always dreaming that there's someone special will write me a song.and play it with an instrumen.i choose sounds cool.and the person who strumming it will look cooler.hehe
yeah.silly me.but no harm dreaming right ??

i envy this girl.damn much.haha

p/s:im going to kila's bday party today.though my head still spinning.well.laughter's the best very sure there's non-stop laughters and giggles there.hehe

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