Friday, March 5, 2010


hey.1st n foremost.i'm not okay.caution:the next lines contain too much harsh words.sorry.i couldn't help it.

ok.let me use red colour.
today was very similar and normal just like the past big different.
i was preparing some fish and vegetables as my dad requested me to make fish curry. curry.complicated. i very preoccupied with those things.suddenly my dad said.

"hey.ur lesson is on march 19th."

bangang.the first word that came out from my mouth.slowly.
what the hell is going on??i already waited for about a month to do the lesson.mcm bodoh je tggu lame2 ni.HELL !
and they said.

"it's because of some technical probs."

pale otak mereka technical probs.i hv many things to do in k.L
also hv planned something with my friends.
ingat k.L ngan sabak bernam ni dekat je ke??
ingat sekangkang kera je ha???

n as for the consequences.i could not focused on everything that i do.
-pale ikan tu hancur sebab ak lepas geram kat die.
-sawi tu pon jd mangsa keganasan seorg insan bernama aliah.
-ak bantai je masak curry tu.
-goreng ikan hampir hangus.nasib baik sempat selamatkan.
-my finger injured.kene pisau
-the worst palm burnt because of the hot curry.

seriously.i could'nt control myself.

done cooking.i checked my phone.
there's some msgs n missed calls.

i read the msg.from issha.
and suddenly my eyes wet.tears rolling down my cheeks.seriously.the content of the msg had hurt my heart.damn hurt.really2 hurt.
i replied.waiting for answer from her.

and she said.
"ko x bce hbs ke??"

bangang for the 2nd time.siot gile.i read the msg back and found out that i was cheated by her !!
it was a prank.prank.stupid prank.seriously.

to issha:

"kurg ajar kau !! membazir air mata ak je nangis !! ARGH !! BENGANG GILE !!!!!!!!!!! GANTI BALIK AIR MATA AK !!!"

issha.tahniah krn berjaya membuat ak rse kebodohan seketika.

pisang berbuah 3 kali nmpknye.aliah x blaja dr kesilapan lalu.
ain.gelak je la klu ko nak.

ak da la tgh msg tu.mmg gile la ak hari ni.
i won't do that to other person.because i know how hurt it is.

seriously.i could'nt control myself.sorry for my language.

fine.habis mengamuk.feeling better.

p/s:sometimes we are not that strong to hold tears from rolling down.


Nicholas Ng Chia Wei said...

nodame, be strong okay? =)

aƒiƒ said...

mne kate2 mencarut?
dun see any of them here :S

aliah said...

thanx dude.

aliah said...

ak masih mampu bertahan kot.


starlover said... did feel better after writing all this, right? I like to blog when I am emo. LOLL..

Sabar Alia. Setiap yang terjadi ada hikmah tersendiri..=)

*what lesson? driving lesson is it?

aliah said...

it's good that we could throw it out.

thnx sis. :) is.
driving lesson.

ainathenano said...

haha aliah !
aku yg rse nk gelak skng hehee
sbb issha anta msg tuh jugak kat aku haha
then dier ckp , bce smpai hbz , sbb ader org bce msg nieh dier nangis !
ngee now i knw who is it
huhu :DD

aliah said...

saba je la ak....

malu laa. :DD

wanisyu said...

nak gak msg uh!!!
nk tau apew yg ebt sgt!!hahaha..
smpai bjaye mmbuat al yg sgt kuat nanes..

aliah said...


i will send it. :DD


there's always a little truth behind every "JUST KIDDING ", a little knowledge behind every " I DON'T KNOW ", a little emotion behind every " I DON'T CARE ", and a little pain behind every " IT'S OKAY "