Sunday, March 28, 2010


mission #1:
strive be a doctor.
mission #2:
find a husband.haha.
do pray for me.

why is it so good to become a doctor? (not saying other career is not good). personally, it is not what u learn the textbook that makes u special. it is the discipline that u developed along the way in ur studies that makes u special. it will become a second nature to a doctor. in addition to that, you will become a people oriented person. whatever you do, you will always put your patient's first. you investigate them, you treat them, and you take care of them. The next thing you know, you will be such a caring person to your patient, friends, family and the public.

p/s:i tried to ride a GEN-2 and a proton wira today. haha. freaking awesome. :D


fhad said...

fuyooooooooooo nnt aq skt jumpa kau jer eh al (;

yg ke2 tu.. ehem2 xD

aliah said...

ok ok.ak bg discount :DD

ad calon x?
knl kan kat ak. :DD

maila said...

haha.. dr alia la nnti erk...
aku pun amik medic gak.. doakan aku lps interview jpa nnti erk..

nway, awalnyer nk cri husbnd..haha..alamak!! dh terbau bau nasi mnyk la plak..hehe

aliah said...

insya ALLAH.
yeah.i'll pray foe the best for us.

ak nak carik husband.
ak x nak carik bf.

starlover said...

aik aik. hihihi. wanna find a husband, huh? =D

doctor juga? Heee..All the best! it's a challenge =)

aliah said...

help me ! ;D

yeah.thanx !

hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

find husband? tuh idea aku la..
haha al kite carik life partner doktor same2 eh..
ko gak ckp.. doktor pompuan hot2... hahahaha ! sengal !

aliah said...

just copy and paste. :P
good idea !!

yeah.female docs hot !
haha :DD


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