Wednesday, March 17, 2010


hey.class ari ni.not so tired. stronger? muscles here and there.whoaaa
i did parking and 3 point quite well.hehe.
but im screwed when doing uphill part.sengal.sengal.SENGAL.
siap la kau bukit.payah la klu dah buat ak ngamuk.haha

motor part quite easy.since i can ride it big deal with the route.
sometimes lupe.hah.byk mkn semut.

tomorrow is the test.
frankly not ready.
but i'll do my best ! CAN DO IT.
wish can get handsome jpj that the butterfiles fly away. :DD

remember all the advices given by rush.

humming a song may help.linkin park.adam lambert.nasyid.haha.craps.

doa byk2.
thanx M.coz willing to hear my crappy rants.hehe.
do pray for me.

thanx to this person for the notes and moral support.hehe
p/s:ak nak gi menghilang.cari la ak dimana-mana.


starlover said...

Good luck good luck =D

Er..bukan lagi handsome lagi byk butterflies dalam perut ke? Haha =P

aliah said...

thanx thanx.:DD

senang hati kot.

fhad said...

bravo al, ;D


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