Sunday, March 14, 2010


hey.ak penat.sgt penat.
td kat driving class.blaja 3 points n parking.susah.tgn lenguh2.kaki sakit.
muscle aches here n there.mcm kene buat drill basket je.haha
anyway.ak malas nak cite.penat lah.

pastu nak isi scholarship.
then die minx siblings' nature of employment and employer.
adoi.masalah gile.
keje dah la pelik2.nme nak sebut pon payah.adoi.penat lah nak crik.
ari tu pasal IC.skang pasal keje lak.lepas ni pasal ape??
relax lahh.dugaan kecik je kot.mengeluh lak.

aliah is going to sleep early tonite.*fainted**haha.HELP!!*
sbb die td x bfast n x energy.gile btol lah.

p/s:i hate liar.indeed.


starlover said...

What scholarship did you apply? *sebok nak tau* Hehe. Medicine?

ps: I hate liars too. More than anyone.

aliah said...

i just applied for mara,bnm n khazanah.
sime darby otw.hehe.
lack of infomations.

haha.we're the same sis. :DD

starlover said...

So you applied mara. Great, better chance to get it =D

To fill in the details in the scholarship forms is so leceh. That brings back memories..=P

Btw, my email is You're very welcome to add me xD

aliah said...

hopefuly so.

damn leceh.
lagi2 i hv big families.

thanx.i'll add u very soon. :)


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