Monday, April 19, 2010

the end. is the end of my english class.yeah, it was really a bittersweet farewell for our beloved teacher, madam rozila who had taught us patiently, and gave us a lot of useful informations. well, i admit that my spoken english improved day by day, and my level of confidence increases as well.though i joined this class a little late, but i still appreciate every single thing that she did. i hope fate fares u well, now and then, teacher.

well, 2 days ago i told my mom about this.
me: mak, isnin habis class.
mom : huh? cptnye.adik cuti brape lame lagi ?
me : err.errr.sebulan kut.
mom : hah.bagus la, gi blaja menjahit.nak buat ape pon kat rumah.
me : arr. =.="

menjahit.i don't know why i did'nt interested at all in this thing.haish.right now, i got plenty times to kill.ok what should i do? i misplaced my novel.=.=" i searched it high and low but still found nothing.
im dying of boredom.well, im not hating the roses.crap.

p/s : abg gi tgkp budak u kempen.haha.da mcm polis aku tgk :P
oh, enjoy the song, im not jiwang ok.


hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

and also..
my english class will end this wednesday..

aliah said...

i see.
menderita kebosanan la kite.

hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

agak la.. ternak llagi kat badan

khadijah said...


nanti aliah bley jd tailor.
jahit baju pengantin aku...

aliah said...

kurg asam khaty.

ye nnt aku buat baju kau.
baju senget sebelah name die.
aku design. :P


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