Wednesday, April 21, 2010

game. was a game, a football game. i was the ball, for sure. ASARANI FC vs UNKNOWN FC.
let's start !

kicked off by Ummi van Persie. the ball is now up high.
UvP : so how ur plan to come here?
me : i thought u the one to pick us up here?
UvP : no la, i have sekolah ganti on saturday. where's abg mizi?
me : he's going to tgkp budak kempen for election.
UvP : ~no answer~

now the ball is passed to Mizi Rosicky as UvP can't handle it anymore.
while fb-ing this evening, abg IM-ed me.out of the blue.
MR : cane nak dtg KL?
me : idea.
MR : cikmi?
me : school on saturday.
MR : abg anas?
me : x tanya lagi.
MR : ok, pg tanya dia dulu.
MR : abg kat JB this weekend.
me : hmm.ok

long pass from Mizi Rosicky to Anas Ramsey on the left side of the field. *Mizi Rosicky stumbled down after hitting a small stone** medical staff drag him out of the field*
i was just on my ym and suddenly, abg popped out.
AR : adik
me : yep
AR : gi tanya abg helmi.
me : die ambik ktorg ke?
AR : ha.

IT programmer have on call.muahahaha.

Anas Ramsey manage to save the ball from being tackled by a player from U FC.he quickly crossed the ball to Helmi Vermaelen. and it was very close to the goal.
without further delay.i sms-ed him.
me : abg amek ktorg ke nnt?
HV : ktorg?
me : ye la, dr kampung nak gi MAC kat skola.
HV : i thought amik adik kat KTM je?
me : then u want mak and bapak naik bus+ktm la?
HV : adik gi sorg la.
me :=.="

later i asked my mom to call him.finally he said yes.
GOAL !!!!!!!!! yeah, Helmi Vermaelen is the ace of ASARANI FC today.what a wonderful movement from him.*whistle**whistle*
game over.
full time result= A FC 1, U FC 0
*claps**standing ovation**noises*

dude, im going to was a great argument.and i feel so tired.
*err,cg shazreen pun tau prob aku.muahaha.malu siot.


hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

woo nice game dude !
hahaha !
see you this saturday !

aliah said...

im going to faint, u know.

yes, see u there !

hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

penoh dgn cabaran dan dugaan.. haha !

aliah said...

baru la aku hargai nikmat ni.


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