Thursday, April 29, 2010

hai. ;)

hey. im just recovered from being crazy last night.
today i went to M's place. met with K, H and S. as we did'nt gather for about a month due to some important commitments. well S is having her holiday for a week from NS. so damn miss her.

so as usual, i was laughing out loud, non-stop with them. oh, K and H and me got the same matriculation college. and we were imagining some of impossible situations there. lol.
K : asyik jumpe korg je.bosan ah .
H : hek eleh, poyo lak.
A : *dlm hati* *kalau pengsan kan susah nnt,* sombong kau yeh?

the best part. i baked a cake !!! haha. it was not really as hard as i think. erm, u just need buttercup, sugar,*forgotten already* lol. nvm, can just google it.

i was excited using this i never use it once. then i put it in a pan as the oven did'nt work. but M shouted loudly as she found out about it.haha, i used it the wrong way. sorry lah im just a beginner. then for about 30 mins later..

tadaaaa~ my cake is ready !
here's the picture ! so cute. isn't it? now aliah can kawin already. LOL

sedap gile.

ok, i made this story. i forced S to bake the cake.while i was just watching and lending her a hand.LOL and and x yah la tgk kek aku. sgt terrible rupa die. haha


sh. said...

Haha. Cantik kek =P

aliah said...

haha ^^
thanks. :P


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