Tuesday, April 13, 2010


hey.first and foremost, im home.yeah.miss this lappy buruk.well, im done the so so called interview this morning.ok, it was like a burden is lifted from my shoulder, i feel like shouting.haha.now, i can breath normally, and my life would turn back to normal starting tomorrow.housechores.yeah.absolutely.

here's my experience this morning.
0705:waiting for abang.
0745:duh~abg finally arrived.yeah, that's him.lol

0815:went to anggerik mall, met dayah,and aina.waiting for registration.later, sarah approached us.
0900:registered, mine was panel 4.same with the other girls.haha.never wonder.
0915:nervous breakdown, as aina nurina came out and babbled bout her interview.kinda hard.she got many things about O&G.

0950:my name was called by a lady, asking me to go inside.damn nervous.haha.reciting doa.
the interview started.
i got these questions:
1.where do u come from and how u get here?
2.tell me about urself.
-haha.i got many things to say.but forgot to say bout my parents.haish.
3.tell me about ur parents.
-i talked briefly about my parents.they wanna know what is my dad's job.as i said that he was a self-employer.haha.i got shoot by them.haha.im speechless for a while. thinking for what is the brain food.
4.why u wanna be a doctor?
-noble proffesion, encouraged by my father as the other siblings is not going to be a doctor.personal experiences(talked about my sea lion.haha).about mom's sickness.
5.which country and y?
-ireland, the best place to study medicine.good environment, my dream to be there since my childhood days.i love snowballs.haha.
6.which medical school and why?
-i chose RCSI, as i have a cousin graduated from there, and his experiences trigger me to go there,long established medical school,good research facilities, good lecturers and communities.
7.do u have any question?
- something about when the prog will start.
the end.

it took about 25 mins.well, the interviewer are really, really nice and kind.well, i enjoyed myself while anwering all the questions.alhamdulillah, praise to god.finally, it ended pretty well, and it worth all the tears and efforts.now, just pray hard.i really hope that i can secure this scholarship.

well.a BIG BIG thanks to
cikmi: lappy, $$
abg mz:broadband sipot
abg anas: transport
pn kaunselor: attire
and YOU.for supporting me.

nak gi terjun laut esok.H is coming here. haha.


Anonymous said...

nak ikot pegi laut.. :(

aliah said...

come come !
ala. Atin pun x jadik la.
my dad pon bz je.
xleh nak amek die.

lagipun abg die balik.
mne leh nak renggangkan diorg tu.


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