Wednesday, April 21, 2010

late night.

hey.ok, i broke my own's 12.23 am, and im still awake. i want to sleep but my eyes refuse to.
it seems like i don't have anything to life would be damn boring from today onwards.without any activities, just repeating the same thing everyday===>wash dish, sweep, laundry, cook, online and all stuff. novel?haha im currently reading a love story.LOL.

i don't know why, but my mind keep telling this,
"please be more matured aliah, u are 18-to-be" i know it very well.this is the right time for me to make another changes in life.

well, today i received MAC invitation letter.
it was really suprising, that cikmi is willing to return home and take us there. my dad, maybe can't make it as he has to attend meetings on that day. well, that's him. never mind. so excited to attend this ceremony, though it's just a simple one compared to last year's.
attire : plain brown baju kurung with yellow shawl.hehe.

see you there pals !


starlover said...

What is MAC?

Have fun =D

aliah said...

MAC stands for Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang.
thanks :)

wanisyu said...

kate jubah??
see you there Al..

aliah said...

no $$$$ no jubah la babe.

kau seringgit dua mampu la aku beli.
sebena eh ak malas nak carik.

nnt la kawin pkai jubah.
eh, kawin nak pkai gown.

ermm.nnt la lepas kawin.LOL


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