Sunday, April 25, 2010


hey. i wanna talk about MAC aka Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang which was held yesterday. a nice and simple ceremony but it gave me a very blissful and cheerful moment.

well, i was really really happy to see all the girls, especially all 5adioda 09' err not all actually, some of them could not make it to the event. looking to the juniors, as i walked along the corridors, my mind raced back in time when i used to be there, doing homeworks, suffocating with loads of works or should i say it endless works?LOL and be a sleeping beauty.yeah, sleep is the best thing in seseri.and it is contagious.haha.oh how i miss my high school days.

i saw the happy faces of my teachers, who never ever give up teaching us until we got stupendous results. i could see all the sacrifices and efforts is paid off, when i looked they were grinning happily. i love my bio teacher, Pn Mahadiah, i owe u, big time. she was the one who inspired me to learn biology, the subject that i hate the most. and finally i got a remarkable result, that i could be proud of myself. so as to the other teachers, u guys are the best teachers i've ever met. *wipe tears*
oh, to my mentor, Pn Saadah aka my chemistry teacher, thanks for giving a lot of inspirational words to me. u are such a good mother, indeed.

right after the ceremony, i took pictures with my friends, but using their cameras as i did'nt bring one. then, adioda 09' gathered to see miss shazreen, and guess what? we were singing a birthday song for her. it was a suprise for her and ayu gave her a framed picture of adioda 09'. she was touched yet contented with the present.

final words : seseri, i owe u. big time. im proud to be a part of it.

u can click here, here and here for some photos.

oooopppppsss typo, MS shazreen.hee she's a mother to be. may always in ALLAH blessing.amin.


mahadiah said...

thanx Aliah..for ur nice words abt me and all teachers...we r proud of U...all of U..and I'm proud of especially u...who managed to score well for Bio..
Indeed..hard work pays and u deserve the success..Am alwiz pray so that u r blessed with success and and ever..Luv u.

aliah said...

u r most welcome teacher.
may u always in ALLAH blessing.



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