Friday, April 30, 2010

peeps, nuts again,
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ok, sorry (-_____-)". first and foremost, click play.

im now addicted to this song. :)

okay, now i feel much calmer. oh, today is the last day of april. yeah, it seems like just yesterday, i've been pranked for april fool day and now it's already the end of this month.time flews.very fast.waits for no man.

i got crazier day by day,(lol. crazier-taylor swift :P)and nothing much can be done to end this madness.just like today, i find myself stuck in this room since morning till now, in front of this lappy, doing nothing,*sighs*.lame.found myself still fb-ing though it did not give any benifit. LOL

but somehow, i found something that made me laughing out loud.

1.along got facebook. haha, i was just :O .speechless.well, people change right?no harm about just me who thought it was

2. abang watched adamaya. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. i did'nt know what happen with him. i think he had crushed on someone lah.lately some of his posts on fb are somewhat about lovey dovey bloody messy things.haha. im going to find out who's that girl. *determine* best sgt ke adamaya tu? haha, i never watch it once.well, it's been long since the last malay drama i watched.hehe.

tomorrow, upu results will come out.hopefully i'll get asasi sains UiTM. kalau x dpt, kawin FULL STOP lol

>>bapak aku cakap.10A x dpt jamin masuk syurga.renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal ! :)


nurul fahiza said...

adamaya best woo.....nnti try la tgk....hehe...

klu x dpt upu tuh jgn la trus kawen....bleh blaja lg ape....huhu...
tp msti dptnyer la...insyaAllah...-_^

btw...kawen nnti ajak ek....hahahaha...

aliah said...

haha, adamaya madness !
ok ok, nnt tgk.

thanks fahiza.
yeah, sure jemput punye lah.
tggu. :P


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