Sunday, April 18, 2010


hey.this is what i do when i get damn boring.just a stupid rant though.

i have a hp, sony e bla bla.just a normal one. well sometimes, i don't know where i put this phone.yeah, i like to misplace it everywhere.i try to call and hoping that i'd hear it ringing, but i hear nothing.=.=".sometimes, i find it under my bed, under the pillows and other places.and it already out of battery.sometimes, i just don't want to recharge it.i don't know.and tomorrow i find myself cursing the phone because of the battery is low.sometimes, i just don't reply messages, well i dislike texting, perhaps.i hate missed calls.and i like to answer every call though i know he/she only wants to make missed call.oh, i like to drop my phone's unintentionally, i don't want it to be.but there are always couple of times i drop it even though i think i grip it pretty well.happens all the a reckless i think.and right now, my sony e doesn't look well, it will easily off when im still massaging or answering a call.yeah.really annoying.especially when i have something damn important to tell others.but i don't think hp is really important for me these credit always expired because im not really using it.and sometimes i just don't want to reload.and use my mom's instead.something wrong with me.well, i missed roses perhaps.

erk.the last sentence is crap.just ignore.=.=""
conclusion:im a clumsy and reckless girl.


wanisyu said...

al asak ko same giler ngn aku weyh??
seyes sumpah sama..
hahaa..jgn isau..
kau ade geng untuk jd tak normal..
hpaku bru dpt taun lps tp da upe mcm 10 taun pkai..

aliah said...

dasyat la kite ni.
abg aku ckp.
ak x sesuai pkai hp mahal mahal.

Hana Napiah said...

" conclusion:im a clumsy and reckless girl. "
sure it is.ko kan nodame..
haha :PP

aliah said...

kurang asam kau.
btul la reckless.
ari ni pun ak tertinggal phone kat rumah.LOL

hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

aku pon wei... mak aku slaloo bising sbb aku x charge fon.. bile nak g mane2.. nak call xley.. hahaha !

aliah said...

pastu kene ngamuk sebab xleh nak contact.
buat org lain risau je.

hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

hahah bese la...


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