Monday, April 5, 2010


hey. i just finished that crappy essay. well it took me days to do it. i did'nt know why, i was just stuck in the middle of the lines. and i did feel my brain is rusting vigorously. oxidised. haha
i think there were not much O2 left in my brain,yet it still rusting !
i thought a lot about my dad while doing this essay, it touched my heart deep inside to write how hard he work to secure this family. well, i have quiet a big family and always facing monetary probs. there were times when two of my siblings enroll in the universities at the same time. it is absolutely use a lot of money. i still remember how hard to find some money at that time. he willing to borrow from his colleagues just to ensure his child is going to attend that university. though i was just a little girl back then, but i could understand it.

now, i think all of his sacrifices is paid off when looking to his child becoming a good person, with a good job and salary, having a happy family and not getting through hard times just like him back then.
*tears dripping down my cheeks*
i wish i could make him proud of me. i never see him cry until today but i want to make him cry out of jubilation one day. i love you dad. even though i never say it once to you.

p/s: if u are going to be a father. don't cry. there's someone saying, "a daddy doesn't cry"
big thanks to little H for checking my grammar mistakes.


ENNA said...

experience is the best teacher!
kene ssh dulu sblm senang.

aliah said...

so true.

verily, in each difficulty, there's relief.

aƒiƒ said...

u gonna be just fine...
don't worry too much or u just gonna ended up accomplishing nothing in ur life.

starlover said...


Finished the essay? Hee..=D
Good luck for your interview. Daddy doesn't cry, but mummy does. Well, sometimes. Hehe

aliah said...

lopek :
thanks dude.

sis :
yeah, mummy does cry. indeed.
but i want it to be the happy tears.
thanks anyway. :)


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