Saturday, April 24, 2010


hey.yeah, today i went to MAC. it was damn happy to see my long-time-no-see friends, happy for the award, met with the teachers, laughing out loud with the girls. well, im very very tired today, so i'll post about it tomorrow. it was a looooooong day.haha.

right after the ceremony, we went to along's house which is located in putrajaya. mak misses her 1st daughter. well, me too.we haven't met for err 5 months,i think. due to some personal probs. i can't tell it here. she's doing well, thanks ALLAH. and her boys too. still as annoying as ever.haha.

we talked about lots of thing. along made our lunch. yeah, it's still as delicious and mouth-watering as ever.she's a good cook,indeed. oh ya, abang had booked 3 tickets to london. im not included, of course. i knew it very well. T_T. it's for mak, bapak and abang la.they will fly a week after raya puasa.that's why i can't go along with them. they gonna enjoy in london---->germany---->paris--->and many more as it would be a 3 weeks holiday. nak ikut~ *cry*

never mind la.i know, my time will come.insya ALLAH. :)

oh my..qayyum dah besar.

i want a wireless earphones !! it is awesome. but don't have money to buy. :(

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