Wednesday, April 7, 2010


hey.ya, that's the title. how should i start? hm. actually, i want to say. tomorrow i'll be going to kl.well, my interview is 5 days away, and it very very freaks me out.i know everybody will say, "it's okay, u can do it".yeah.standard answer.i try to convince myself about that.but don't worry,im still okay.

i admitted, it was really stressful these days, this so sooo called scholarship interview is going to make my head blow. lots of thing need to be prepared. and im damn tired physically and mentally. i faced too much problems even the very moment i wrote this post, there're things yet to be settled.well. i know.not only me facing these probs, others might have it as well but i really don't have any idea on how to deal with this. i tried many ways to reduce it and yet it still there, choking me to death. i know, it sounds stupid.i never ever like this in the past. im sorry for causing you troubles sis. i just did'nt know who should i find. T.T , though we never know each other, but i did feel ur love.thanks.for making me laugh.

i just knew that abang is going to Kota Kinabalu tomorrow.yeah.that's another problem. why should you gone in this very crucial time? now i need to make another schedule.another plan.with another abang.seems like everyone is very busy with their commitment.well, i just hope that somebody will at least, send me to that Anggerik Mall on the next tuesday.sorry for stealing ur time.i just need a little of ur attention. would sound stupid, weak, nobody will trust me if i said that i was crying. well, i did. im not that tough these days. not even to prevent those tears from dripping down.but im still the same aliah.that u knew last did'nt change a thing.

i need something to end this. to gain my confidence back and to give my best in the interview.well. like my so so called sis said, it's just a beginning, im not even start learning the subjects.and don't be crazy.yeah. i know that.very well.

say whatever you want.i know, im too naive, immature and irrational.
but do pray for my success, in every single thing that i do. i'll always pray for urs.

i think im feeling better when listening to this song, at least 10 times back to back. ok ok.i need to stop whining.i know.

kL.bangi.klang.shah alam.
hope i'll survive in this tiring trip.


hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

'u can do it'
yeah standard answer
but juz take it as a doa
mybe they r trying to calm us by saying that.
but they donno what we felt inside..

aliah said...

yeah.thanks dayah.
well, they really can't feel it.

starlover said...

You're causing me troubles? Mane ade laa alia.
I can't do much to help you =(

But I'll always pray for you. Don't worry too much about the interview, later you'll get headache. Jaga diri baik-baik, don't get sick if possible..

I believe you can do it, lil sis =D

aliah said...

well, u did comfort me.with all those words.
thanks :)


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