Sunday, May 30, 2010


Hey, I am currently addicted to this thing. Yeah. I had worked for it for like 3 hours today and yet I still don't know how to solve it. =.= Well at least I got the first step. *applause* and then I screwed it up and then I need to do the very first step again and the same thing happens again and again....
I wonder why everyone know how to solve it, they even laugh at me when I mentioned about it. Grr. Ok, I admit, I just don't bother to play this kinda make-my-head-blow game back then.

Nah, it's okay. I don't care. Anyway, who cares? HAHA. I'll strive hard to learn how to solve this cube. *determined*
OH, my teachers are Mr Google and Mrs Youtube. So what do you expect huh? Haha. That jerk refused to teach me. Grr.

*sigh*Actually,I'm ought to open some books and start revising instead of doing something like this.*sigh sigh*

Anyway, if you wanna try to learn this thing, I recommend you to watch this 3x3 Rubik's Cube for Dummies.
Yeah, as you see there. DUMMIES. So I'm a dummy then. =.=

P/s:H is for Hana. H is for homesick. Lol. H is homesick. Well, just don't bother much about it, you'll used to it soon. Anyway, if you wanna find someone to talk, I'm always here for you to find. I'm all ears.
Chill chill chill. Kau kan kuat. Haha.


Hana Napiah said...

hoi.apsal ckp kuat2.diam2 sudah.SHHHHHH!!!!!

aku dah ok la.sekejap jer tuh.

aliah said...

OHH. Sorry. (tutup mulut sendiri)

LOL. All right dude !


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