Monday, May 17, 2010

early morning,

hey, it's 0419 170510. haha, what happened to me so early in the morning? i was just suddenly woke up from sleep when something got into my left ear. duh ! thank God,luckily i managed to handle that but i could'nt sleep right now. what? anxious?? well, sort of.

MARA results will come out in 6 hours' time (if the date and time given is true). so it's wrecking my nerve.well, it's not true.haha, coz i did'nt feel anything. i did'nt put too much hope on it. but still, i want it very much ! ok ok, let's proceed with what i wanna say, actually i did'nt do any preparation to go to UiTM. -__________-"

let's see what i got to do.
1. things to buy :
etc etc etc
the list still on and on.

2. medical check-up.
thanks to M's mom, i no need to do the appointment. (but i wonder, if i can do the check-up though im not feeling so right?) i hope im in the pink of health this coming tuesday.

3. bank islam.
never had an account there, so i need to open one. LOL the registration fee need to be paid before we register there. malas malas !

4. university forms.
i managed to fill up those forms. but the certs still a mess. not yet certified. (i wonder if my dad can certified them? probably not la~ haha, :P) malas ! =.=

5. prepare physically and mentally.
LOL, im not ready for all this. SERIOUSLY. i don't have any feeling to go to UiTM.

there are lots of thing need to be done, but im still fooling around at home.=.= and the registration day is on sunday. well, i really need someone to slap me right now.


izwani zainuddin said...

*slap aliah*

same je dgan ak ohh ,
1. my list things to buy still long
2. already done ^^
3. blum bayar jugak , mlas mlas
4. blum sume fill up yet n certs ak sume sepah sepah -.-'
5. im double not ready for all this

p/s please slap me too , haha

aliah said...

T______________T sakit.

saya in the middle of medical check up sekarang, take 5, lunch.

*slaps izwani*
*slaps somemore*

*izwani faints*

whooopppsss ! sorry, ter-over. =.=||


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