Tuesday, May 25, 2010


hey, it's been 2 days they registered in their respective university. It's been 2 days, i felt facebook very boring. And yes, I envy them. They had started their classes while I'm still here, boring to death, doing nothing except the same routine everyday.

Everytime I open my blog, I'd see a picture of me and Enna, well, she's a very good friend. Back then, a good listener and always give me support. You know, it was hard being away from family right. Homesickness. Lol, I know it's weird for me to get homesick. But sometimes, that feeling just appeared out of nowhere. So, this one girl will always be there for me to find, to hear my crappy rants and give me some sorts of consolation and inspiration. She's my source of strength I'd say.

I miss Issha for being the non-stop teasers. I was the one being teased by her, we entered the same class since Form 4. I miss laughing out loud with her in the class, I miss studying history with her. And everytime she teases me, she makes me feel like a fool, yeah. Thanks. Lol.

Out of the blue, I miss H. [I hope she doesn't read this] She's like a lil sister to me. Lol.
[because I'm taller than her] ok, *runs* :P

I miss Syu. I hope she will be a strong girl and happy always. I know it's hard when we need to make choices. And I hope she had made the best choice and no regret about it.


Life must go on. Yeah, I need to move on. I know. Stop from being so naive. Stop hurting myself and live a better life. But have you ever heard :

" Sure'll there be times we wanna say good bye, but even if we try, there are somethings in this life won't be denied, won't be denied. "

Yeah, that was what happened to me. I made promises to myself, then I broke them. Cause it's really hard to say good bye.

If you love someone, then let him go. You see, I learnt it the hard way.

You know, it's like a half of your soul is missing.


Idayu Yusof said...

awwwww. sabar al sabar. hehe

aliah said...

sabar sabar. Haha.

fhad said...


aliah said...

saje nak bagi kau nangis.

Anonymous said...


aliah said...

T.T Miss you damn much.

Be strong.

ENNA said...

alia,miss u too.like hell.ermm,ipt sgt laen.rse cm nk nanges.huh!ramai sgt manusia aku jmp!(nk lepak ngn ko lg)...

aliah said...

Miss you too.. T.T

Miss that moment, lepak sembang same same. T.T


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