Wednesday, May 19, 2010

move on.

hey, im doing good. (at least for now).

tonight :
called abg anas to transfer RM600 to my acc. well for the registration fee. not for fun though. :P
(i wish he will add the amount, haha.)

begging abg mizi to bring me to the town, so that i can settle all of these university thingy at once.

hope can get new spectacles tomorrow, i just noticed that my specs are no longer in a good condition.
(my right eye's power increased tremendously(haha, exaggerating :P), i couldn't see clearly when i use them.)

i hate the fact that my dad did'nt have confidence in me, so i can't drive a car. =.=

fb-ing with abg amal. raising fund. Lol. (shh. don't let the cat out of the bag)

settle the form. Perjanjian Asasi.

tomorrow :
open an acc in bank islam.
(don't forget this : IC, surat beranak, lesen memandu and $$$. i don't have any idea what the heck they gonna do with the license, but still bring that,-----------> Akmal's advise.)

setem hasil.

settle the certs.

what more? i've forgotten already. =.=

(esok ingat la kut.)

i've been discussed with abg mizi about the registration fee, we decided to not pay it first.he still want to wait for MARA result this coming friday. and IF i don't secure it, abg will pay that on my behalf. im just okay with that. as long as it don't give me any problem.

funny : i discussed with my abang using fb's IM, just because im upstairs, in my room. haha, dasar pemalas.

next : karipap and perjanjian asasi forms.


hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

funny : i discussed with my abang using fb's IM, just because im upstairs, in my room. haha, dasar pemalas.

aku tau arr umah kau pakai wifi.. haha !

aliah said...

Lol, mcm tu lar dayah.

senang hidup.

p/s: suruh bapak ko tukar wifi !
haha. xD

hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

kalau tuka wifi pon..lepas ni sape nak pakai wifi tu? aku da bla.tinggal mak ayah aku je.. dorang nak pakai? haram.. haha !

aliah said...

Lol, jadilah anak mithali mcm aku.

ehem, aku ajar bapak aku baca paper on9 doh.

webpage yg paling dia minat :


Idayu Yusof said...

al al. abg mizi ade dekat msia?

aliah said...

haha, ade ade.
cuma kadang kadang x dpt dikesan though beliau kat msia je.

"die dah x hensem, dah gemok."
(sorg makcik berumur 65 ckp.)

conclusion : ayu, kau nak ape? haha. :P

Idayu Yusof said...



there's always a little truth behind every "JUST KIDDING ", a little knowledge behind every " I DON'T KNOW ", a little emotion behind every " I DON'T CARE ", and a little pain behind every " IT'S OKAY "