Thursday, May 6, 2010


hey, this post is for these girls. sincerely, from the bottom of my heart.

Akmal Hayati Azmi. (she's a girl ok, no doubt.LOL)
ok, i should put "bt" before her dad's name.
edit : Akmal Hayati bt Azmi. (ok, totally no doubt.)

i don't see u face any problem in making decision, just give the best that u can in everything u do. don't believe all u hear, don't spend all u have, don't sleep all u want. marry a man u love to talk to. *off topic* well, we got the same college by the way, and i would be ur senior, once u get there. LOL
be prepared with all the tortures that i learnt in seseri. *evil laughs*

Nur Aqilah bt Hamin.
oh, i forgot an apostrophe there.
edit : Nur 'Aqilah bt Hamin. (done)

well, living in matriculation is not the end of the world okay? i bet u'd gonna be just fine with that. enjoy ur days to the fullest, strive to get the best pointer, and InsyaAllah, u'll find ur way. *maher zain's song*be engaged at least 6 months before u get married. *off topic* remember, great achievements involve great risks ! don't cry, i won't be there for u girl.

Nur Rasyidah bt Abbas. (perfect ! )

i really really hope, ur dilemma is over right now. and i'd love to see u as an O&G specialist in maybe, ten years time.who knows, we might work in the same hospital? LOL, it's not a stupid dream okay, when u lose, don't lose the lessons. it might useful in the future.believe in urself, u know urself better than everyone in this while picking up a phone, the caller would hear it in ur voice. *off topic* and just like i said before, nothing is impossible, as long as u work hard for it. well, don't lose hopes, because Allah is always by ur side. *maher zain's song*

Nur Fatin Farhanah bt Mohammad Napiah. (duh~ so long.)
i misspelled ur dad's name. LOL sorry.
edit : Nur Fatin Farhanah bt Mohammed Napiah.

well, u are afraid of new changes right? ok, u need those changes, broaden ur horizon, to widen ur view.just like si tenggang.and just like i said before,try to think if u were alone in a new'd u survive? and actually, i hate it when ppl said that they won't go to a place because this girl and that girl won't be around.that's lame. just imagine how did i survived in a strange place called seseri, zero friend when i first put my heavy luggage in front of my locker.yeah. it'd be damn hard at first. but u will get used to it at the end of the day. when u say "I Love U ", mean it. *off topic* and yeah, we 3 got the same college ! haha, H let's bully M. i know u are a super naive little kiddo, LOL never mind, i'll teach u how to bully people. *evil grins*

and lastly for me. (please scroll down)

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Hana Napiah said...

awat kau kantoikan nama aku. Kang Kira tulis. mati aku.

Anonymous said...

sdap2 je nk buli aku ehh,,
langkh myat aku luw k,,
kte tgok cpe buli cpe t,,

papepon aku syg korg,,
syida,aten,kila,lia hope kte sume sukses t,,

jgn lupekn aku eaa..

eala aku kn lmbt skit abz nye..

kwen ajk,,haha,,

dot kawen luw,,
stuju x

aliah said...

H :
lol, Kira xtau muka kau lah. it's ok, kan nak pkai death note mesti tau name dan tgk muka.
hoho, kau selamat lagi.

siapakah? haha, langkah mayat kau dulu? dasyat gila.yeah, kita tgk same same nnt kay,

lia~ comel nya nama
yep insyaAllah.

syida nak jdi secialist lah, lambat sikit.haha.

Anonymous said...

yang kau cite pasal kawen kawen neyh pehal

thanks a lot babe
love u
love f5

aliah said...

Anon #2 :
woot, sape lak ni?? :P
nah persediaan masa hadapan.haha.

u are most welcome.
*coughs* *gasps* love u too. (lol)

anyway, aku lupe nak ckp, jgn pengsan pengsan tau !
buat malu je kat encik encik hensem di matrikulasi.haha,

Hana Napiah said...

hey.that kira ade mate merah tu la.xyah tgk muka.sure mati aku.
haha.craps. sedih jer bunyinye.
won't 4get F5 for the rest of my life.*eh maher zain* haha.

Good Luck everyone.
*shed tears*

aliah said...

haha, duhh! aku lupe lah.
kalau ko termati, sorry ek.

LOL, craps.

tu lah, menangis aku baca semalam.

gudlak gudlak.
*wipe tears*



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