Friday, May 7, 2010

stupid rants.

hey, first and foremost, I WANNA SCREAM OUT LOUD. i can't stand it anymore.

1. i did'nt wor out my university forms.oh wrong, i did'nt even print them. printer kat rumah rosak. -___________-"" i went to a cc this evening, and it was closed !! wrong timing.yeah. I KNOW IT WAS MY VERY OWN FAULT ! T______T

2. the "K" in my keyboard didn't really work !

3. mom's going out tonight , leaving me with those kuihs thingy. i know that im not deserved to whine about this, but they are too much for me to do by myself. T____T karipap and apam and bla bla bla. mom, i love u so much !

4. rambut dah panjang, (if i can tie them, i consider it long) and it's really really anoyyyyiiinnnngggggg !!! i lost my hairbands, and right now i feel lie cutting it !! * search for scissors(i know.salah eja)* especially, the front part, it keeps blocking my view !! i wanna pull it right now. OK, I ADMIT, IT WAS MY FAULT COZ CHOOSING THAT IND OF HAIRDO LAST TIME !

5. i can't join kakak and cikmi going out tomorrow ! WARGH, U GUYS KEJAMMMMM

6. my hp is half screwed. my fault also for being so reckless.

7. new unrecognized number. Please.Do.Stop.Fooling.Around.

premis 1 : girls always emo
premis 2 : aliah is a girl
conclusion : aliah always emo.

and i guess, i need u dear. :(

ok, off to kitchen.


hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...


aliah said...

terima kasih.

hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...


sh. said...

Haha, I like your reasoning, lil sis!

starlover is always emo too T.T

Come on come on, together we are strong xD

Darl, you'll miss your mum one day, and tomorrow is Mothers' Day =)

Thank you, for your words, I am half healed =) You know how much it means to me..

aliah said...


semalam rse teruk, tp bile fikir balik, xde la sgt.haha

yep, nnt minta maaf balik kat mak.

no biggie.
im not really helping. :)


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