Saturday, May 22, 2010


hey. im totally exhausted today.
i barely eat, so i got no energy apparently. it's been a week though . =.=

today i went shopping with cikmi, yeah. it was damn tired only to find a pair of sport shoes, size 4. (5 is just too big for me. xD)
i went to 5 shops, and i found no shoes fit with mine. =.= and Alhamdulillah, after 1 hour, i finally got the best shoes that fit perfectly with my feet.

and it's white. i hope it's black though. (u know the main reason why i don't like white shoes)

i bought lots of thing, worth RM XXX.XX. OMG. cikmi, thanks. i promise, i'll work hard.
then, out of the blue, i met H while picking up bedsheet and comforter. Lol, we were stunned for a sec, and oh, H is going to Puncak Alam tomorrow. bye H. don't cry, i won't be there.

(i did'nt know why my sister always pick pink colour.)

and seriously, aku rase nak pengsan tadi. thanks God, im not.
in fact, my head still spinning round in this moment. i guess i really need to take something right now .

>>to everyone who's going to register today/tomorrow, all the best in your future undertakings, be prepared physically and mentally to start another chapter of your life.

i just took a glance about IB. and i was like....*faints*
(i really need to prepare myself.)

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