Wednesday, May 5, 2010


hey. im not ok. i got headache all day long. it gonna make my head blow.argh ! and my parents won't be around until midnight.T___________T
plus muscle aches here and there.

this is really sickening.

gd going to sleep early.
wish me sweetdreams.


aƒiƒ said...

buri buri ~(*,*)~

nurul fahiza said...

sweet dream alia...-_^

aliah said...

afif :
(aku consider ko maksudkan semoga cepat sembuh)

thanks !

fahiza :
sweet dream. nite.
(tp sy dah bangun.haha)

sh. said...

I'm having headache too T.T

And muscle aches too. Waa~

Sweet dreams alia =)
(Though it's afternoon. =P)

aliah said...

berjangkit kah?

*gives smarties to this sis*

thanks !
(dah ptg pun. haha. -___-")


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