Saturday, June 5, 2010


Hey, haha. I'm in the middle of kenduri right now. sempat lagi nak blogging, kahkah. Yesterday, I went out with Yana. Haha. We went to Sunway Pyramid and went iceskating there. OHH yeah, things are easily said than done ! It's not easy to do that, you know. The first time I put my feet on ice, It was really really slippery. LOL. Indeed, I couldn't balance myself, thus I fell down ! ouch. That was pretty bad, I wasn't able to stay standing for at least 5 minutes on ice. Yeah, that was embarassing ! *chuckles*

Big thanks to Yana, and her friend, known as Wan for helping a newbie like me and teached me how to balance and all stuff to at least know the right way to skate. I fell for hmm..hmm.. hmm.. 15 times? perhaps. kahkah, and you should see how awful I was each and every time I fell down. Yana, baju koyak sikit. Kena cubit, kena peluk kuat kuat. and there was a time we fell together. Muahaha. She sat on my leg, and I sat on hers. IT WAS DAMN PAINFUL. My leg got numb for a few minutes.
LOL. Both of them held each of my hands. And there were times, Wan fell down. HAHA. Sorry sorry sorry. Those were MY BAD. *laughs*

I enjoyed those times. Thanks Yana, and now I really wanna go skating !!
Now, i got muscle aches here and there. Jari terseliuh and I just noticed this morning that my left knee is swollen. *cries*

Ow, I won the bowling match ! Haha.

Okay, the bride and the groom are ready, I need to go now. Hey, the bride is a DOCTOR ! freshly grad from RCSI. Hihi, I wish I can be like her and get married at the same age, 26. LOL.
nah, sape nak kawin ngan aku? Haha.

p.s.1 sambil driving pun boleh facebooking. HAHA Bravo la abang !
p.s.2 today, I'll meet with Sharifah Anis Zarith. *excited*

Ok, ok. See ya peeps.


hidayah .norikochan said...

wei mau gak iceskating.. x pena. sobsob. patot la kau smlm x on9 dow siang... merayap rupenye. haha

aliah said...

LOL. Jom ar. Best gila wei.
Tp x tahan jatuh lah. Sakit siot. HAHA.

Anonymous said...

al jatoh
nak balik
bile lagi nak jumpe kau

aliah said...

Gelak kau ye. Meh la jom iceskating skali. Haha.

Haih. Balik la before aku masuk KMB.

sh. said...

Alia alia xD

Was it fun?

aliah said...

Yea, it was really exciting !

and painful. =.=
I was just recovered from those aches. Haha.

yana said...

lepas balik baru aku prasan tangan aku biru. kuat jugak kau cubit -___-"

aliah said...

Biru?? Was it?

Wahahha~ Sorry babe !
Next time aku bawak bodyguard sendiri.


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