Monday, June 14, 2010

Be Strong,

Hey. Yeah. Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised it would be worth it.

I wonder why I didn't have the strength to hold tears from dripping down right now. Well, I just finished reading IB Life Guide written by fellow KMB-ians. It's wrecking my nerve as well as gave me some sort of adrenaline rush right after I finished them. This isn't the reason my eyes got teary.

I was thinking something big, for all this while. Am I really wanna pursue medic in the future? Yeah, that sounds so not right to talk about it right now. Sometimes I doubt my abilities, my faith towards this field. The idea came when my dad talked to me about doctors since I was a little girl back then..

He said, doctor is a very humble profession.. they are helping people till the very end of one's life. He really really wants me to be a doctor, though he never said it but I knew it very well, plus there's no other way my brothers and sisters will become a doctor. They have already found their own path to walk on.

Hell yeah, I AM LIVING THEIR DREAMS. So, I forced myself to love biology, to memorize the facts and all stuff, to ace in this subject. That.was.hard. Undeniable. But it's not impossible. I managed to get A+ for that. You see, that was only bio subject. Maybe a very very small part of medicine. Once again, I doubt myself. =.=

There was a time, where I explained about IB to my dad..

Anak : IB ni bla bla bla...2 tahun buat benda ni then kalau lepas cut off point nak fly baru la pegi oversea. Then kat oversea, baru buat medic 5/6 tahun..

Bapak : 8 tahun lah baru habis kalau mcm tu..hmm, ntah la dik..mase kamu jadi dr nnt bapak ade lagi ke x.bapak ni dah tua..mak pun dah tua..

*sigh* I looked at them. Yeah, they got wrinkles already, mak got lots of health problem nowadays. Tears welled up, but I tried my best to keep it there.

Yes, they are my strength and my weakness as well. I will easily break down into tears when someone's talking about parents. Yeah, I'll try my hardest to finish IB and to make their dreams come true. I'm choosing doctor as my career path because of you people and I created my passion in that field, so please, keep supporting.

But tonight, I feel a bit down. T_T nah, nobody cares. so shut up. Thanks H, for your 15 mins. Thanks for willing to hear my crappy rants. I really appreciate that. =)

I want to be a doctor, so DON'T EVER SHAKE MY FAITH.

Enough said.

p/s :Jom join aku tgk nobita jatuh tergolek-golek. Nak gelak banyak-banyak. LOL


sh. said...

Alia dear, I know you can do it =)

Go, go create your own dreams and success =)

Will always be here for you

zaiasraf said...


erm..kan ajal maut n our success n our future all that Allah yg decide..

as a human, doa je bnyak2..insyaAllah..^_^

sesengguhnya Allah i2 Maha Medengar..
n we need to keep our efford

well, all the best to become a future doctor :D

c ya ni the medical areas next 8/7 years..cewah..hehe

aliah said...

Sis : Yeah, hopefully ! Thanks so much for your support. =)

Zaiasraf :
You are so right, thanks buddy !
LoL. InsyaAllah. See ya too =)

Guys. *wipe tears* you all made my day. THANKS SO SO MUCH !

Hana Napiah said...

jumpe kat hospital ea nnt..
haha ^^

sape yg shake ur faith tuh, kasi belasah jer.


aliah said...

Haha. Okay okay.

*sigh* Aku pun rase nak belasah gak.


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