Wednesday, June 16, 2010



"PPD tests cannot be read for 48-72 hours after the injection. Until then, ignore the darn thing because nothing you see or feel has any significance until that time. After 48-72 hours, the test area is assessed for induration (raised area). Induration of greater than 10mm is considered positive (meaning there is a very high probability you've been exposed to TB). Redness in the area is normal and does NOT indicate a positive test. Redness doesn't matter - an area of raised skin 48-72 hours after injection matters!!!"

Thanks for clarifying. It's normal then. xD

But.. I just received my blood test result :

=.= Apparently I have no antibody for Hepatitis A and B. HIV negative. Lol.
Comment : Immunisation to be considered as advised by recommended immunisation practise.
3 injections for Hepatitis B and 1 injection for Hepatitis A. Guess what? It costs RM150 PER INJECTION ! =.= *faints*


At least there's something on fb that made my day =)

Mizi Ahmmizi : semua bank draf ada kat Ummi Hani .buat n semak check list. make sure to fill out all forms completely..follow all directions dan keperluan yg ditetapkan b4 u fill it out. A Daniel Mikael ada bg duit poket..if there's anything u need just let me know.

Ehem. Somehow that jerk has grown up. Lol. Yeah, this jerk abang reminding me about things to do next. Thanks.
Duit poket? A Daniel Mikael. Anda terbaik. *two thumbs up*

*sigh* Just now abang called and asked me to sleep early and wake him up at 5am tomorrow morning. Grr. I mean, are you really need to do this jerk? sheeeshhh.

p/s : Another song. Lols. I know, this song does'nt make any difference. xD


zaiasraf said...

hahaha..same goes to me..didnt have the antibody =..=" then need to take the imunstion injection..3 times..

next time la..hehehe..but the hepatatis b n a is non-reactive la ^_^

aliah said...

=.= Mine is worst. I have none for both. 4 freaky injections for me. T.T


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