Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hey. I think I'm not well. Muscles aches here and there. It's really sickening. =.= *sigh sigh sigh* Dah macam ni, baru la nak ingat makan segala supplement yg aku ada. Ehee. Tau, teruk betul. Hopefully, tomorrow I'll be better.

Today's class. Hmm. Cg business tu mmg suka buat aku terkejut arr. LOL. Nasib baik ar dia panggil org lain. Haha. Aku dah la x bace lagi part tu. =.=
Time PAI. *laughs* nvm. (I hope ustazah don't mind. =P)

IB Learner's Profile #8 : Risk taker.
LOL. I know what would happen if I drink the water from the water cooler. But still, hahaha. I drank it. A. LOT. Hahaha. I'm taking the risk to get sore throat and cough probably. LOL. I just can't help myself. =.= *laughs*

Ada hikmah rupenye kakak aku bagi gula-gula hacks sampai 4 packets. LOL.
Ahh. This week I'll balik rumah. LOL. Don't say that I'm manja or what. I've things to do. :DD

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