Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hey, first and foremost, don't ask me about that cube. =.=
I just changed to a new layout, surprisingly, it did'nt take a long time as usual. Haha. Then I worked for 2 hours googling and altering that confusing html codes, to adjust every single element on my blog. So, it worth the times that I wasted today. I guess I have some other things need to be done, but later lah. My head is spinning round, I felt devastated when looking all of the weird codes.

Haha, now I understand how's my sister's feeling right now. Coding is her job, something like creating webpages. Hell yeah, it is damn hard to do a webpage. She's always get problems with it. Lol. Everyday, I could see she posted something like this :

Saadiah Asarani : Aku rase mcm nak transform jadik megatron je. grrrrgrrrgrrrrgrrrrgrrrr

To unleash her stress. Well, nothing much I can do, just read the post and find the "like" button.
Then. I click that button. HAHA.

OHH, let's start the countdown. It's 10 more days to go.

Well, that's for FIFA World Cup. *chuckles*
It's 21 days to go to KMB. *sigh* I haven't start the preparation. And oh yes, I lost my calculator. I guess somebody take it without my permission. hmph.

*sigh* I've lost my notes, probably my dad had recycled them right after SPM is done. *cry*


hidayah . noriko . pelangi said...

wei cane nak buat yg name tu... aku dah lame nak wat camtu.. how how how?

aliah said...

macam tu lar.

sh. said...

Haha. Alia tak membantu. LOL


aliah said...

Tu lah cara saya membantu. Kan dayah ? HAHA.

AtikAh said...

lost ur calculator?
it's ok
we're not using calculator 570 anymore during ib
= GDC~

aliah said...

LOL, I just need that one to do my revision before going to KMB.
Anyway thanks ya.

adilah said...

nice blog wehh.really interesting. Thumbs & toes up :)

aliah said...

ahaha. thanks thanks.


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