Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hey, yeah everything is done. (I guess) Well, hopefully I didn't left any important thing. So cikmi just back and she was like :

"Adik, pegi gosok tudung cikmi, kalau x esok x payah pegi register. "

=__________=" Mean.

Nvm. Well, that's her. =.= Okay, tomorrow we'll be leaving house after Subuh, Ahaha, and I'm still babbling here. Nah, it's okay. i'll sleep soon.

GOshh. I'll be leaving in a few hours time ! T.T
Lots of my friend wishing me all the best on fb. thanks guys. FHAD, listen, I'll never forget ya. Get it? T.T

This is for YOU.
I read your email, yeah, your last email. Why? you have forgotten about it? Do check your sent message if you have time.
If I ask you right now, or tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or next week, or some time in the future, would your answer still a "forever and ever"?

Keep your answer into yourself. I don't wanna know. I won't bother you anymore, though I doubt myself about it. Please take good care of yourself, don't fall sick.
All the best, and be happy always. You get it?

I miss snowballs.Like hell.


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