Sunday, June 27, 2010

New life.

Hey. Ok. now I wanna say something. KMB is soooooo~ like Seseri. Ahaha.
Orientasi yg sgt relax. Too much free time. Lol. Okay, first and foremost, I feel so small here. Kerdil sgt2 bila tgk org lain yg hebat hebat gila. Pergh. But, nasib baik la ade 8 Seserians here. My floor got 7 gurls here. So, it's like sukati kitorg je nak buat ape. Haha. Jerit sane sini, gelak kuat kuat. Hahaha. As if in seseri pulak.

Ohho. Nak cakap, I'm still weird with the presence of guys here. Lol. Pathetic I know, and I'm soo outdated with the world cup matches. Been busy with the orientation yg x busy. LOL. Merepek, I know. Still, it's a tiring week. Need to wake up at 430. =.= Mengantuk gila weh. I got a very warming hugs and wishes from my seniors here, esp Kak ______ (lol) They are great !

So, all in all. This college is great ! Aha~! one more thing, I will be taking Business as my additional subject. LOL. Yeah, I cracked my head thinking of choosing either econs or business and finally I made up my mind. Will be taking business and the risks that comes with it as well. So, please do pray for me peeps. This ain't easy, I know. The class session would start on next week, and I'm looking forward for it. Kinda excited. Lol.

I had met with awesome super seniors, whose currently pursing various courses in overseas. I was inspired with their stories and experiences in managing the ups and downs of life. Nobody said that it would be easy, they just promised that it would be worth it. True.

Eh eh. Aku jadi group leader kat sini. (silakan gelak) X pernah pernah. Ahaha. Cam ape je. Kesian diorg dpt leader mcm aku. And oh. Aku bertahan dgn ladies bag doh. Dah seminggu. Haha. So, I have the strong feeling that this college will change me to be a good, decent muslimah. InsyaAllah.

Well, these are advices from mak that day :
1. Solat awal waktu. (lol, hari tu kantoi, mak tepon ak blum solat lagi. hihi)
2. Baca quran walaupun satu ayat je.
3. Belajar rajin rajin.
4. Ingat mak.

So that's all I think. Will update later if I have time.



sh. said...

lil siiiiiiissssssssssssss~

Thank you for updating your blog! Hiyaa~ ^^

Glad to know that you're happy there =)

ps: Psstt I heard the guys are hot eh? LOLLL =P

aliah said...

LOL. Yeah, I'll find some times to update this blog. I can't live with it, you know. MISSSSSS this blog. T___T

Pssst : Shushh. Ahahaha. *winks*

happyteatime92 said...

aliah,aku pon rasa janggal dgn kehadiran lelaki2 di sekelilingku uh!haha xpe2,kita geng la ni haha :P
all da best tau :)

aliah said...

Mimi !! Betul betul betul !! xD
Dah x boleh nak buat sukati dah. =.=

Thanks, mimi pon same kay. =))

Nadya Sarwani said...

c0ngratz again.... huhuu...
hope u`ll be m0re success!!!
jeles 0wh, dgn cter alia... hehe..
xpe2, msing2 ad rezki sndiri..
leyh tukar2 cter... blaj0 luar ngara brsama 0rg2 hebat, alia cter...
dlm ngara plak kte leyh cter... hehe...
btw, bez x jd ketua?!?! ececeh, tabik sma alia!!!!
last but not least, wish happy always and always in a pink of health!!!! gud luck.....

aliah said...

Thanks nadia. ^^
Lets strive together. :))


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