Monday, June 21, 2010

Rooftop Rant.

Hey, it's 1.44 am now. I'm still here with Douglas. Yeah, supposed to be I'm on my bed, lost to another world. But somehow, I wanna stay up for the last time tonight. Considering that I'll not have the chance to do that tomorrow. T.T

Is currently reading Hlovate's Rooftop Rant. I just wanna gain some strength and embrace some words of wisdom, before I register in KMB. Well, this book is used to be my source of strength back then, in my Form 5 days and never fail to give me inspiration.

Perhaps, we have the same story? LOL. I never expect things would be the same like this.
I got sraight A's in my SPM and going to take IB very soon in KMB. Batrisya, in this novel, got straight A's and done IB as well, but in KMS. Haha. What a coincidence.

I found something similar with myself :

"Jangan tanya aku IB tu apa. Aku tau 'I' tu stands for International.Yang 'B' tu,aku tak reti nak sebut nak eja lagi.Macam nak tergeliat lidah je nak menyebutnya."

Lol. yeah, indeed. That was happened to me, the first time I know about IB. It's always a troublesome to pronounce it. xD

Hopefully, my story would be ended like Khairul Batrisya Mazni. Amin.

*tgk jam* Uh, it's 2 am. Douglas pun dah tido kat sebelah aku ni. Ahahaha. Okay, nite nite everybody.

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