Monday, June 21, 2010


Hey, I know. It's me again. I couldn't help myself. =.=
It's raining outside and I'm crying inside my heart. T.T I can't stand goodbyes. I can't stand farewell words. Am so fragile towards this. Especially when it comes to my special ONES..
Setiap pertemuan,pasti ada perpisahan.

I was just checking and sorting and packing and bla bla bla just now. Now I'm like *speechless* Hahaha, did I bring too much things? =.=
Like mak said : Bukan kamu jalan kaki pon.

Ahahaha. Yeah right. :D

Well, come to think about KMB. Hmm. I remembered a verse in Quran :

"Kita merancang, Allah juga merancang dan sesungguhnya perancangan Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancangan. "

Yea, my sister is a teacher in SMK Bukit Changgang which is located right beside KMB. I mean it. :D It's a stone's throw away from KMB. Maybe I can shout her name if something go wrong. Lol.
Plus my parents would not have to worry about me as cikmi will be there. :DD
Alhamdulillah. All praises to Allah, the Almighty and the most merciful.

Then, another verse crossed my mind :

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny?"

It has been repeated for over 30 times in this surah. Human being shoud be grateful of what they have right now and to think that every single thing in this world happens for reasons. =)

Well, KMB. New environment huh? Got guys there. xD Ahahahaha. Okay, I totally had forgotten on how to mix with boys. [silakan gelak] 2 years in Seseri is enough to make me feel like haha, weird in front of boys. Lalala. Even my friend list on fb, there are just a small number of boys. Haha. [ they are lucky people, I won't easily approve boys xD] So. Hmm. Just go with the flow.


But this is the most important thing, there are guys. So, girls, it's not something in Seseri where you can do anything you want. Hmm, kena jaga aurat btul2. It's not like we in Seseri x jaga betul2, but this time, I think it's like super duper kena jaga aurat. Aha~! Manners. For sure. I'm a girl anyway. xD
So, Big sis, this pic is all yours. Ahahaha.

As you can see, I bring a lot of things. T___T and still doubting wether I miss anything or not.


Hana Napiah said...

byk gle brg...
ko nak pindah umah kah??

aliah said...

Owh really??

Ala atin. Aku tau la kau bawak wardrobe je pegi PA.

Psst : Kau x nampak yg lain lagi weh. c(=

yana said...

kau stil bwk bantal busuk kau si smiley tuh??haha! wa caya sama lu..

p/s : aku pon bwk gak bantal nyonyot kaler hitam yg lembik tuh..haha! ;P

aliah said...

Shush diam ah yana.


sh. said...


Alia, thanks for uploading this. I know you must be in KMB right now..I'm just back. T.T

I miss you already T.T

Lil sis, banyaknya barang you..sobs..macam taknak balik rumah dah je T.T take care ya

aliah said...

Miss you too. T.T

Ehehe. Tu la pasal. Byk kut. Penat turn naik angkat barang. :D

I'll take care. thanks.


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