Sunday, June 20, 2010

This post contains virus.

Hey, tade benda pon. Sorry for yesterday's emo. I coudn't help myself. Feeling much much better today.
So, after I read this, I realized that everything is not under our control, man propose but God dispose. I respect your decision. Lol. tade gambar lain ke nak letak? -______-"
Pic bertapa kat PTWC tu gak jadi pilihan. Ahahaha~!
Anyways, thanks. T.T

I haven't finish packing yet. T.T *sigh sigh sigh* I have the sense that my things are not complete. *scratches head*

Gosh, I'm leaving very soon ! It's the day after tomorrow. Oh my. Hope everything will be just fine with me and things would run smoothly on that day.

Today's Fathers' Day !
A fact about my dad : When he's serious about a thing, he won't call me adik. Haha.
Like this :

Bapak : Aliah, bangun bangun ! Dah subuh ni.

Anak : *rolling on the bed*

Bapak : Aliah, subuh ni !

Anak : *quickly wake up and head to the toilet*

Lol. I'm dead if my dad shout my name for the third time. xD
Anyway, I love you dad. :D May always in Allah blessing. :)

I received a call from Japan last night, it's been over a month since his last call. Hmph. Ingat x ingat rumah dah.Jepun kalah baru nak call.(lol xde kena mengena) Ahaha, abang give some sort of advices. Lol. That's weird, ehehe. Anyway, thanks bro. He won't be back during raya. =(( Seems like this raya would be dull without him.
Without him and him too...and oh ! her too. haih. =.=
Till March next year, I would be dreaming the Ipod Touch. =.=

Then I found this on fb right after the call ended.

Hahahahahahahaha~! i couldn't stop laughing at that time. Yeah, abang set his phone number to be private. Lol. and someone misunderstood about it. Hahaha.

p/s : EDIT : just received a call from London. Haha, seems like everyone is so excited about me going to KMB. LOL

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