Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hey, I'm so damn tired today. =.= I went to lots of place to settle things for KMB, for sure. There are lots and lots of thing need to be done. Ohh, yea, and the offer letter just arrived yesterday. Well, that was way too late. =.=
I was shocked that my dad asked me to do the medical check-up today.

Oh yea, I went to the hospital and asked about the medical check up. You see, this one is totally different than the previous one I did for UiTM. So I really need to do it again.
I asked about the result for the blood test, and she said, the soonest is in 3 weeks time, and the latest is in a month time. =_______= WTH

Hmph, and the registration day is less than 2 weeks from now. So I didn't have any other way but to do it in a private clinic. So my dad took me to a private in town. (town?) *chuckles*
LOL. The environment was seemingly perfect for a clinic. There were a bunch of sick people sitting on the chairs, crying babies and somemore old folks waiting for their turns to get their medication. Well, my dad, he was watching the World War II : The Lost Films while waiting for me. Haha

After waiting for about half an hour, a nurse called my name, and it was my turn to meet with the doctor. *laughs* Things ran smoothly, until the doctor showed me the *gasp* needle to take my blood. I was like *gulp* My mind raced back in time where I got dengue fever and everyday they sucked (sucked?lol) my blood to be tested. =________= It started to haunt my life after that. Yea, sounded soo silly. LOL. It was 5 years back you know. But still, I can't have 100+ to quench my thirst. =______=

Nah, actually it was okay, not really painful. Just like semut gigit only la. Haha, now I realized la that was really stupid to be afraid of needle. LOL, I just remembered what the doctor told me before he take my blood :

Doc : kalau takut pejam mata, kalau sakit, xpe , boleh nangis.

me : *chuckles* (as if I wanna cry la kan, I'm strong la doc ! )

(my blood is But, I felt so helpless after that. Haha. Lemah longlai. I think they sucked too much of my blood? perhaps. Haha. The result will be out in a week time. Yeah absolutely, costly. Undoubted. xD

Then I went to CIMB to open an account there since I never have one. It took more than one hour , you know. *sigh* My dad left me alone there, coz he got lots of thing to do. =.=


On our way home, we went to an eatery, and I had this sort of conversation with my dad.

Bapak : Nak makan ape ni?

Anak : Sizzling mee ?

Bapak : Ape mee? Siling mee?

Anak : *Rotfl*Sizzling mee la.

Bapak : Ape ape la, cakap kat org tu.

LOOOOOOOLLLLL xD I couldn't stop laughing.. My dad never had that dish before, never heard of it even once. Haha. Well, that siling mee was so scrumptious <----(my dad's comment) WHOOPS. Sizzling mee there. xD Yea, today was a loooooooooooooong day. Though it wasn't that long. Haha. Yeah I got headache filling those forms. *scratches head*


Hana Napiah said...

LOL. siling mee ??
lawak 2..

dude, correction. aku tgk ejaan did'nt ko mesti cam 2. bkn it's supposed to be didn't ke?

aliah said...

Siling mee, sedap woo~

HAHA, bloody silly punya mistake.
*blushes* thanks dude. LOL

Hana Napiah said...

no probs dude..


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