Friday, June 18, 2010



T.T I'm damn tired today. Thanks Allah, I'm done with almost everything. :D

T.T Went shopping with Bella, OMG. Sakit kaki >.< Just bought a pair of shoes. (:D Found my perfect size in just a shop!)
Some tudung bawal. Haha, they worth... *cough cough*
Lols I'm sure you don't wanna know. Haha. Nah just a simple one, and affordable. :D Finally I found that tudung bawal. Pergh. I know nowadays people just go for the latest type of hijab. I just don't give a damn to Ariani or Syria or whatsoever type of hijab. I just don't look nice in them. =.=

The first time I tried with Ariani, my bro said, : ohh, there's a bibik in the house!

:S WTHOkay okay. I'm fine with that,you are a brother of a bibik then ! you jerk ! Grr.

T.T Haven't start packing yet.

T.T Germany lost to Serbia just now.

T.T Why England's matches are always in the wee hour? T.T I might not be able to watch them. T.T and yeah, Green is still the goalkeeper for this match, and I hope he doesn't repeat the same mistake.

*cough cough* Peeps,

I got a new hairdo. Lol Nah, no one cares. But it something like this ! Hahahahahaha. Nice, isn't it?

P/s : What would you do, if your ex(s :P) suddenly pop out in your life? =.=


Hana Napiah said...

is that t****q who's pop out in ur life??

but aku LOL gile kat hairdo bru kau.
cam sarkas..
ko kalerkan rambut plk tu..
haram tol..

aliah said...

=.= you got it right, dude.

Macam tu lar smart.
Mak aku x perasan aku gunting rambut. Ehee.

sh. said...


Chances are..they'll hurt you again, like they did before.
Looking at it from another angle, love deserves second chance. I think. LOLL xD

Did you start packing already, lil sis? Can you take a pic then upload it in your blog? I wanna see how many baggages you're going to bring! Hee =D

aliah said...

Ex(s) For those who have more than one. c(= Haha.

Nah, just let it be. I don't think I can stand any pain anymore. Thanks anyways. =)

Yeah, but I just can't stop procrastinating. Till now, it's been a few hours and I'm not done with them yet.=.=
You wanna see them? LOL.
Yeah, your wish is my command, your highness. :DD


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