Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hey. Just back from GH, just done the TB test which is called montoux test. Yeah, kinda painful. T_T I didn't have the guts to see those procedures. Lol.

Still worrying about this. *sigh* I supposed to not disturb that swollen part, but now it's gone. Yeah gone. =.= Anybody know what's the consequences? *sigh* Haha, what the heck is this. =.= I don't see any swollen thing on that part. =.= Help ! The result can be obtained after 72 hours, that means I need to go to the GH again on Friday. =.=
Peeps, this is weird. I hope I didn't spoil this test or else I need to do it again. T__T

Nah, why bother to worry about this thing when I have lots of thing need to be done? *sigh*

Sheeshh. Mak dah membebel suruh start packing things. =.= The problem is , nak pilih baju kurung pun satu masalah. Haha.


Ohh yeah, I changed the song. Somehow I wanna scream. Out loud. Sorry peeps if this song give hard times for you to read my post. I just can't help myself. =.=


edcac said...

Hey Aliah, it's edcac from ReCom. I did the mantoux test in GH and there's no swelling too~! LOL, apasal ya, orang lain ada yang ada swelling ada yang kata gatal pulak, kita orang pulak tak ade apa, haha. But I think there's nothing wrong with us cause some seniors say they also got no swelling. :D

aliah said...

Hey edcac ! Glad to see you here. ^^
Lol. Weird right ? My friend also said gatal gatal too.

Nah, just leave it that way lah. Haha. I'd better settle the other things first. xD


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