Sunday, July 18, 2010


I'm not alone but always lonely.

Lol. But right now I'm all alone in this room. Yana's not around. She's rolling on her lovely, comfort bed at home. Well, perhaps. So, I'll sleeping alone tonite. Nah. Never mind la. I'm okay with this situation.

Ohh ya. Happy 18 dude. Never really forget your birthday, though. c(= it's good to see you moving on. While I'm still here. =)) Pray for your success from distance.

Sometimes. When lotsa thing happen. I cry.

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there's always a little truth behind every "JUST KIDDING ", a little knowledge behind every " I DON'T KNOW ", a little emotion behind every " I DON'T CARE ", and a little pain behind every " IT'S OKAY "