Sunday, July 11, 2010


Heyy. today is sunday, and tomorrow is monday. =.= why it has to be soooooo fast. This week was very tiring doh.

MARA Got Ideas = 2 days.
Lost in classes = 3 days.
Beyond the Norm = 2 days.
PBSM = yesterday, got kawad also. ciss. hate that.

Today, finishing my homeworks + presentation and do some reading about business so that I won't lost in class, plus revise on chemistry. and this is just the beginning. T.T still got lots of thing ahead.

This is not even first IA pon. not even EE. world lit, ToK essay and bla bla bla... T.T
Don't fret.

ToK class : What are the differences between intelligence, smart and wisdom? *scratches head* what the fish la weh.

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