Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I wish,

Hey, forgot to post this. =.=

I wish I have a class and a locker
ohhh. this floating class is very tiring doh. =.= buku dah la tebal tebal. =.=

heh, i know i know. this isn't seseri. THIS ISN'T SESERI LA. adeh.stop comparing. =.=

chill la. lol.


sh. said...

Alia alia

KMB no locker ke?

aliah said...

No classroom and no locker in class. Hahaha.
Penat penat. =.=
Kaki sakit naik turun tangga. T_T Beg berat. =.=

sh. said... class? =.=

There's no one fixed classroom, we have to move right from one class to another, right?

It's easier to sit in one fixed class..LOL I miss school

aliah said...

yeah, used to have a big one in seseri. lol

you're right, very tiring. =.=

Actually, last sem, they did have respective classes, and this is a new implementation, try and error only. I really hope we can get a class after this.


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