Friday, July 2, 2010


Hey, lol today..I woke up at 6.48 am. =.= Yeap, way way too late ! lol. Well, it's not THAT late, but still, when you see ppl rushing here and there, the worst was, nobody in the toilet. lol. That freaked me out. =.=
LOL. Well, that was Yana's fault. She was the one who turned off the alarm clock and tido balik. adeh. I wasn't even heard the alarm clock, as I took panadol last night and sleep super damn early. =.= till this moment, I'm not really well, though. But, hey I'M HOME !!!!! haha.

So, after a week, I DID realize that I have to work on my brain, to think BEYOND the limit, or else I'll not survive in the rat race. I need to re-open the SPM books within these 2 days, and buy books to make notes. lol I know, I never had specific notes last time. Ehehe. Ohhh. I have awful handwriting. T_T
Okay, I really need my chem notes. The one and only notes I have(or had?)lol T_T I misplaced them right before Chem paper last year. *cry*

Well, abang fetched me at 3.30 pm (lol, no need to jalan kaki ke SMK Bukit Changgang :D)and I thought we'll going back home. But then abang said that he wanted to do some works in his office.
So,he dropped me to Alamanda and back to his office. With no money. =.= Yeah, I forgot to asked for that. =.= So I just wandered around the so-boring-alamanda to kill time. I went to MPH, looking some books. Well. I really want Cecilia Ahern's T_T what to do? I'm broke. T__T and my bankcards are with cikmi. T__T I bought Hlovate's book for my sister. Heh, she's always 10 years behind, kan?
Fooling around in Alamanda, WITH NO MONEY wasn't a good idea. So basically I just did window shopping, testing some heels. (lol) Swatch-ing *nuts* TL-ing and bla bla bla. After one hour, finally, I sat somewhere and read TUNAS, while eating some puffs, untill 6pm. =.=
Boring kut, org tgk pelik je. =_______="

cakkk !!
Vincci, nice heels, wedges as well !!

Sharifah Zulaikha and Teh Jia Wei. Now I know beg korang brand ape. HAHAHA
This pic is all yours. Hahahahaha.

Okay then. Enough for today. Off to bed. Temperature rise by a few degree celcius. =.=


sh. said...

Adik, demam ke?

And you're home? Already? =.=|| hehe.

Get well soon, dear ;)

aliah said...

Yeah, kind of. Perhaps because too much walking yesterday. =.=
Now I got cold pulak. T__T

Yes, I'M HOMEEE !!! lol
Tomorrow ada kenduri la. Hehe.

Thanks thanks. =))


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