Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Hey, yesterday was awesome. MARA Got Ideas programme was something I won't regret, though I burnt classes and I lost in ToK class today. LOL Kinda blur. =.=

I got lots and lots of new experiences, new friends, new ideas, crazy mind and I mingled better with the boys too. LOL c(=
My teammates are rock. :D

Okay, saya rumah hijau, saya x tahu nak pronounce bunyi ni "astreus" (mcm salah eja, lol)
You know, it's like the first time I knew that my house was Dendrobium, back then in Seseri. Haha. Kalau org tanya, kena tgk nametag and eja the word den-dro-bi-um..(=____=")Pathetic. So now, got no house name kat nametag, LOL, if they ask me, I'll always say : rumah hijau. lol :D
I'm jealous with Helios. Grr. Nak helios gak. Haha.

Okay, yesterday was the first basket drilling. =.= Stamina dah kurang. Perghhhh. 7 bulan lepas last main. Memang lah. haha.

Got lotsa works. Bye =.=

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